WISHBOX MEDIA OFFERS YOU a complete communication toolkit.


Wishbox offers you a complete communications toolkit. We provide training and tools to deliver the right storytelling package for your audience. We tell human stories while maintaining the highest professional standards of compelling journalism. We present meaningful content for your successful online campaign

Our process

YOUR STORY, YOUR REACH, YOUR PURSUIT, YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Guiding individual clients and teams through a customized process of Story Design, including narrative storytelling. We develop a complete package or a 'wish box' for you such as a customized visual story, GIF, animation, photography, social media campaign, videography and more.



Whether its photographing an event, visualizing a story, creating multimedia and visual storytelling using photography, we provide creative and high-quality images.


Videography is movement and an irreplaceable art. We plan, direct, shoot, edit and subtitle short videos that are impactful, dynamic and beautiful.

Media & journalism training

We train aspiring reporters, content creators and media professionals on a variety of topics dealing with the craft of journalism and new media. We also offer custom-tailored workshops. The training and workshops are available in English and Arabic.

Social media & content creation

We provide strategy, management and maintenance services for your social media platforms. We present meaningful content for your successful online campaign.

Graphic Design

We help you visualize data and communicate effectively. Whether it’s layout and design, branding, infographics, posters or GIF’s, Wishbox Media helps you visualize data and communicate effectively.

Public Relations Services

Whether its branding, writing press releases, marketing content, event support, influencer marketing or conducting social media campaigns, we provide a wide range of public relations services.

Website Design & Development

We build, design and develop websites. We focus on creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs to attract and engage viewers and users.


Podcasting is a dynamic way to use your creativity to tell stories about compelling subjects. They inspire deeper engagement. Podcasting can be a complex and overwhelming to create and maintain, we create, report, produce, edit, manage and distribute and market podcasts.