“Excellence is an art”

WishBox is a media company that brings your story to life and tells it in a language that reaches the audience you want to engage with. We provide creative storytelling packages for your cause, initiative or product. We manage social media campaigns. We conduct a hands on approach to media and journalism training and provide expert research briefs on the Middle East.

Our Mission

So, what do we exactly do?

Wishbox offers you a complete communications toolkit. We provide training and tools to deliver the right storytelling package for your audience. We tell human stories while maintaining the highest professional standards of compelling journalism. We present meaningful content for your successful online campaign. And we offer research services by experts in politics, society and culture across the Middle East.

We connect, create and innovate. We make your wishes come true.


Your story, your reach, your pursuit, your knowledge.


Storytelling Packages

Guiding individual clients and teams through a customized process of Story Design, including narrative storytelling. We develop a complete package or a 'wish box' for you such as a customized visual story, GIF, animation, photography, social media campaign, videography and more.

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Manage Social Media Campaigns

We help you deliver your ideas and storytelling packages to the right audience. We communicate and provide you with meaningful content to produce fantastic online campaigns. A customized online strategy would be developed and as such is targeted to specific industry or groups. Social media is an art and requires planning, implementing, managing and monitoring as well as creating content in order to increase awareness and create a successful campaign. We treat each social media platform as an individual entity that adheres to specific guidelines, trends and engagement.


Media and journalism Training

We train aspiring reporters, content creators and media professionals on a variety of topics dealing with the craft of journalism and new media. We also offer custom-tailored workshops. We teach oped-writing, media ethics, feature writing, news writing including conducting field work, research and interviewing skills. We also offer workshops on videography, photography, creating infographs, GIF’s and basic dynamic posts and using social media effectively. The courses and workshops are available in English and Arabic.


Research & Consulting Services

We offer custom-designed research briefs on the Middle East. We guide you through the complex political, social, cultural, media and refugee issues. We provide you with a brief that includes facts, statistics, Infographs and expert knowledge about these issues. The briefs are written by journalists, policy makers, non-profit managers, editors and others just for you.


Storytelling Packages

Guiding individual clients and teams through a customized process of Story Design, including narrative storytelling. We develop a complete package or a 'wish box' for you such as a customized visual story, GIF, animation, photography, social media campaign, videography and more.


Social media and services

Creating and developing media strategies as well as social media management. A social media strategy might be developed and as such targeted to specific industry or groups.


Media and journalism Training

Training reporters or aspiring media professionals on covering variety of topics dealing with the craft of journalism or tailoring training as per request; (Oped Writing, Feature Writing, News Writing, Story Writing, Field Work). The professional training represents Wishbox's aim to contribute to media development.


Research & Consulting Services

Providing analysis on Middle East political, social, media and refugee issues that may be useful to individuals, start-ups, SME’s, organizations as well as the media community itself.



We create, report, produce, edit, manage, and distribute podcasts. Our latest production is entitled “A Wanted Woman” (Arabic).


Incredibly shareable and visually stunning, GIF’s transcend time and language. It allows us to present a universal message.Let us tell your story.


Wishbox Media launched in June 2018 with its main office in Amman and works across the Arab world.

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Rana Sweis, Founder & Managing Director

As a media professional for the past 17 years, founder and managing director Rana Sweis wanted to partner with organizations and creative professionals, both to find them opportunities and to channel her passion for media. She created Wishbox because she saw a need in the market for talented creatives to contribute to and connect with institutions, organizations, and individuals. She was also inspired to offer customized storytelling packages and research briefs. Storytelling, training, online campaigns and research is what the Wishbox team excels at. The company has a talented in-house team that works on daily tasks, and partners with whom we work closely to implement our ideas and strategies.

Staff & Interns

Our staff is made up of Arabic and English media content experts. Our interns are a mix of university students and graduates with experience in the Middle East and the media.

Locations and facilities

Our spacious office in Amman’s Rainbow Street includes a large training room, well-appointed offices for staff, a conference room, and a small kitchenette.

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We had a great meeting with one of our biggest supporters in 2022 @AFD_MidEast & @Qaribmedias @CFImedias - we discussed ways to continue cooperation, the future of #digital #media, supporting #youth & amplifying marginalized #voices.

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“#Cinema had a positive influence on my life.”
Ahmad Naser Ayasrah hopes to convey the impact of films on #cultures & #societies in the past & present & ways to improve w/ #media content creation & #socialmedia.

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#ARIJ22 launches this year under the theme "Defending Independent Media"
Its our pleasure to host our guests, speakers, and attendees on ground and virtually
Join us for
🔸 ARIJ22 Opening Session
📅 2 December, 2022
⏰ 12:00 Amman Time (GMT +3)
🔗 https://t.co/O7yzDoFnfn

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